A Family Owned & Operated Auto Repair Company

Matt Brum has always been passionate about cars, he started working on them from a very young age. Matt always loved working side by side with his father, dreaming to continue with the family business, and he achieved it!


He grew up working in his father’s repair shop in New Bedford. Matt would go to his father’s shop after school and during summer vacations. After graduating from Dartmouth High, Matt attended the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth for mechanical engineering. While in college Matt continued to work on cars for family and friends.


Matt also received an extra study on automotive design and theory. Matt graduated with honors and moved to Connecticut to work as an Engineer in the aerospace and chemical industry.


After five years of working as an Engineer, Matt with the support of his beautiful wife Elicia decided to move back to the South coast and start Brums Ultimate Repair in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, opening shop in 2009. Matt has been working with cars his whole life, and he plans to continue doing so until he is incapable of providing high-quality services!

Matt Brum’s Thoughts on Business? He Thinks Running a Business is Rather Simple!

Ok well, he really doesn’t think working on cars is simple! Actually, he finds it to be quite difficult and it requires a lot of specialized tools and training. But the business end of the shop is less complicated.


Our policy is straightforward and consists of two main principles:

  1. Honesty
  2. Doing the best job we can

“I believe that if myself and my employees make sure we apply these two principles to every job we perform we are going to have happy customers. Sounds simple to me!”

What Our Clients Are Saying
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