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Brake repair and changes should be made regularly. Why? Brakes are designed to wear. The pad material is designed to rub against the metal surface of the rotor causing friction. Over time the pad material wears out and when it is completely gone metal to metal contact happens to cause the brakes to grind. At this point, the vehicle will not stop properly and could cause damage to other parts. grinding brakes are the most common cause of brake complaints.
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Brake Pad Replacement at Your Disposal

As a professional brake repair shop, we strive to provide you with comprehensive and all-inclusive services including brake caliper replacement, brake fluid change, brake check and so much more. The most common parts to be replaced in a routine brake job are the pads and rotors. The factory uses specialized materials that are appropriately designed for your vehicle.


There are many different levels of replacement parts. The biggest problem I see out there is that many repair shops install cheap parts for a premium price. The consumer is not going to know the difference until months down the road when the cheap parts do not perform well.

Put Your Trust in Tried & True Brake Professionals

Here at Brums Ultimate Repair, we take pride in every job we do. Our goal is to create a lasting relationship with our customers. We always install quality parts at a fair price. Whether it’s an Audi or Toyota we will supply you with the correct parts specific to your vehicle. Contact us today at (508) 993-1300 and make an appointment.

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