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All-Inclusive Brake Repair Services in Dartmouth, MA

Brake repair and changes should be made regularly. Why? Brakes are designed to wear. The pad material is designed to rub against the metal surface of the rotor causing friction. Over time the pad material wears out and when it is completely gone metal to metal contact happens to cause the brakes to grind. At this point, the vehicle will not stop properly and could cause damage to other parts. grinding brakes are the most common cause of brake complaints.
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Brake Pad Replacement at Your Disposal

As a professional brake repair shop, we strive to provide you with comprehensive and all-inclusive services including brake caliper replacement, brake fluid change, brake check and so much more. The most common parts to be replaced in a routine brake job are the pads and rotors. The factory uses specialized materials that are appropriately designed for your vehicle.


There are many different levels of replacement parts. The biggest problem I see out there is that many repair shops install cheap parts for a premium price. The consumer is not going to know the difference until months down the road when the cheap parts do not perform well.

Put Your Trust in Tried & True Brake Professionals

Here at Brums Ultimate Repair, we take pride in every job we do. Our goal is to create a lasting relationship with our customers. We always install quality parts at a fair price. Whether it’s an Audi or Toyota we will supply you with the correct parts specific to your vehicle. Contact us today at (508) 993-1300 and make an appointment.

What Our Clients Are Saying
  • John Garcia Avatar
    John Garcia
    9/20/2020 - Facebook

    Honest & professional repair & service. BEST AROUND! They will take care of all your automotive needs. They are the... read more

    George Ripley IV Avatar
    George Ripley IV
    4/22/2020 - Facebook

    Honest, great timely service. We’ve been customers since they opened.

    Chase R. Pansler Avatar
    Chase R. Pansler
    3/27/2020 - Facebook

    My brother, Charlie, took his car here and the shop did such a great job that my dad wanted to... read more

    Jenny Harding Avatar
    Jenny Harding
    7/29/2017 - Facebook

    Thank you very much, for fixing my car � i will come here from now on.

    Peter Johnson Avatar
    Peter Johnson
    6/12/2017 - Facebook

    I ve been a customer since day one....I have a 65 Mustang that Matt and crew keep running perfectly......THEY CARE>>>>>>highly... read more

    Beth-Anne Guthrie Avatar
    Beth-Anne Guthrie
    3/23/2017 - Facebook

    Wonderful service. Matt and his team are honest and trustworthy. I always feel well cared for and I never feel... read more

  • Robert Oliveira Avatar
    Robert Oliveira
    2/21/2017 - Facebook

    Timely work performed in a very professional manner. Responsive to customer questions and demonstrates a willingness to go above and... read more

    Betty DeMoranville Cosmo Avatar
    Betty DeMoranville Cosmo
    4/21/2016 - Facebook

    I was advised to take my car to Matt the most honest dependable mechanic around. I did! I am blessed.... read more

    Korey Bailey Avatar
    Korey Bailey
    3/03/2016 - Facebook

    Matt is a Great guy and a great mechanic They replace the brakes on jeep which was rotors and pads.Matt... read more

    Anthony Rose Avatar
    Anthony Rose
    4/30/2015 - Facebook

    Matt is a top notch mechanic for all models of vehicles. He is a pleasure to deal with and... read more

    Marc Francoeur Avatar
    Marc Francoeur
    2/12/2015 - Facebook

    Professional, honest, and thorough. The Best mechanics around.

    Ivan Fontes Avatar
    Ivan Fontes
    2/12/2015 - Facebook

    Matt is the best mechanic i know. Hes been fixing cars his whole life, along with rebuilding them. ... read more

  • Wayne V. Avatar
    Wayne V.
    5 star rating
    11/05/2020 - Yelp

    Great service! They are upfront about the issues your car has and honest about pricing not only did that fit... read more

    John J. Avatar
    John J.
    5 star rating
    8/10/2019 - Yelp

    We just moved here and were lucky to find Brum's. Matt went out of his way to thoroughly inspect... read more

    Wes F. Avatar
    Wes F.
    5 star rating
    3/12/2019 - Yelp

    Did a PPI here. Great customer service and very professional.

    Jim C. Avatar
    Jim C.
    5 star rating
    1/29/2019 - Yelp

    Finding a mechanic when moving to a new town it always difficult. Who can you trust? You listen... read more

    Jorge F. Avatar
    Jorge F.
    5 star rating
    9/27/2018 - Yelp

    This is a repair shop that everyone wishes for. Honest great owner. Thank you Matt for taking care of my... read more

    Paul P. Avatar
    Paul P.
    5 star rating
    9/04/2018 - Yelp

    If you're looking for a mechanic who's good at troubleshooting and solving challenging, mechanical problems, you'll find it at Brum's.... read more

  • Scott G. Avatar
    Scott G.
    5 star rating
    8/18/2018 - Yelp

    I found my new repair shop. Brum's is the best. Honest and straightforward quotes. Only the work I needed done... read more

    Raymond B. Avatar
    Raymond B.
    5 star rating
    4/09/2018 - Yelp

    Brums. Found on google, best move I've been made. Made appointment to have work done and got estimate, work... read more

    Christal L. Avatar
    Christal L.
    5 star rating
    1/18/2018 - Yelp

    One of the best experiences I've ever had while seeking automotive repair. Not only did they return my request for... read more

    Candie V. Avatar
    Candie V.
    4 star rating
    12/05/2017 - Yelp

    They did a great job diagnosing my BMW. Several other places said that I would have to take it to... read more

    Matt D. Avatar
    Matt D.
    5 star rating
    8/06/2017 - Yelp

    You won't be disappointed - these guys are awesome! We were on vacation in the area and figured I'd utilize... read more

    Crawford P. Avatar
    Crawford P.
    5 star rating
    6/15/2017 - Yelp

    The guys at Brum's were absolutely fantastic! As a fairly new resident to MA, I was worried about finding a... read more

  • Jeff B. Avatar
    Jeff B.
    5 star rating
    4/27/2017 - Yelp

    First class experience all the way from Brum's. I was considering buying a pre-owned vehicle in the area and... read more

    Tom D. Avatar
    Tom D.
    5 star rating
    9/25/2016 - Yelp

    Alternator in my car died 100 miles from home at 8:30 @ night. Tow company suggested I get it... read more

    Tony R. Avatar
    Tony R.
    5 star rating
    2/07/2016 - Yelp

    Matt Brum runs his business like a fine Swiss Watch. He is passionate about working on cars and his... read more

    George R. Avatar
    George R.
    5 star rating
    12/15/2015 - Yelp

    I was referred to Brum's by my parents, and haven't been to another mechanic in the years since. When I... read more

    Jonathan B. Avatar
    Jonathan B.
    5 star rating
    10/14/2015 - Yelp

    I've been going to this repair shop since it opened. I bring my daily driver and both my exotic cars.... read more

    D R. Avatar
    D R.
    5 star rating
    8/06/2015 - Yelp

    We were in the area on a family vacation and had to bring my sons super duty in for a... read more

  • Laura G. Avatar
    Laura G.
    5 star rating
    6/02/2015 - Yelp

    I always take our two vehicles to Brum's because I know I can trust the mechanics to do a good... read more

    RITA S. Avatar
    RITA S.
    5 star rating
    3/11/2015 - Yelp

    I was referred to Matt by several people. Being a female and dealingwith a repair shop is not easy. Matt... read more

    Ryan D. Avatar
    Ryan D.
    5 star rating
    8/27/2014 - Yelp

    Brought my truck in here with some leaking fluids and some play in the wheel that a previous mechanic was... read more

    Jack D. Avatar
    Jack D.
    5 star rating
    4/07/2013 - Yelp

    Matt Brum is the best mechanic I have ever known. He has a Mechanical Engineering degree and genuinely enjoys... read more

    caroline haines Avatar
    caroline haines
    2/17/2021 - Google

    Break light was on. Needed new pads in a hurry. Was able to get my BMW in & out same... read more

    Stephen Mahala Avatar
    Stephen Mahala
    2/10/2021 - Google

    Very helpful and accommodating

  • Jason Taylor Avatar
    Jason Taylor
    2/10/2021 - Google

    This place has always been fair and honest a friend recommended it to us. Been going to them for a... read more

    Steven J Thompson Avatar
    Steven J Thompson
    1/10/2021 - Google

    I got conflicting reports from2 Toyota dealerships, it was unclear if I needed brakes and rotors so I... read more

    Rich Ziomek Avatar
    Rich Ziomek
    12/10/2020 - Google

    Brums is top notch in my book. Friendly, accommodating & flexible for busy folks like me. If you haven't used... read more

    tyler pavao Avatar
    tyler pavao
    12/10/2020 - Google

    I brought my car down and the people in the office are really nice professional know what there doing dealer... read more

    Misty Lee Avatar
    Misty Lee
    7/10/2020 - Google

    What a help he was. I now have a working AC on the hottest days.. helped me out so much... read more

    Peter Mitchell Avatar
    Peter Mitchell
    7/10/2020 - Google

    I brought my vehicle to Brums with some issues. They said they were very busy but would look at it... read more

  • Frank Lima Avatar
    Frank Lima
    6/10/2020 - Google

    Just had my first visit to this repair shop. Good people work there, knowledgeable, kind with reasonable prices. Great example... read more

    shawn martinson Avatar
    shawn martinson
    5/10/2020 - Google

    Was just driving through Dartmouth when I suddenly lost a brake line. I took it to Brum's, being they were... read more

    chase pansler Avatar
    chase pansler
    4/10/2020 - Google

    My brother, Charlie, took his car here and the shop did such a great job that my dad wanted to... read more

    Mr Concrete MSC Avatar
    Mr Concrete MSC
    3/10/2020 - Google

    These guys have the best auto Auto repair shop PERIOD!! THEY CAN FIX ANY CAR!A+++++ THANKS Guys

    MotherMeredith McGowen Avatar
    MotherMeredith McGowen
    3/10/2020 - Google

    👍 awesome at car repair

    JAY Aubin Avatar
    JAY Aubin
    3/10/2020 - Google

    Excellent service

  • Jenn Harding Avatar
    Jenn Harding
    3/10/2020 - Google

    They always do great work. Thank you

    Marybeth Nelson Avatar
    Marybeth Nelson
    3/10/2020 - Google

    We have been to Brum’s multiple times for our cars and they have been fantastic!Quick, thorough and straightforward.Highly recommend!

    Mario DaVince Avatar
    Mario DaVince
    3/10/2020 - Google

    I just want to thank Brums Auto for taking my 1998 Chevy Silverado even though they was busy they worked... read more

    Jim Cusson Avatar
    Jim Cusson
    3/10/2019 - Google

    Finding a mechanic you can trust when you move is always a challenge. Luckily, Brum's was recommended by co-workers... read more

    Sam Brodsky Avatar
    Sam Brodsky
    3/10/2019 - Google

    Super friendly and knowledgeable repair shop. Full disclosure: I'm a huge fan in part because they donated a dead engine... read more

    Jared Amaral Avatar
    Jared Amaral
    3/10/2019 - Google

    Not only did they replace my alternator wich was located under the car , above the axle where I could... read more

  • Scott Costa Avatar
    Scott Costa
    3/10/2019 - Google

    Matt and his staff are friendly, knowledgeable, honest, and dependable. All you want in a mechanic. Highly recommend... read more

    Fred Kelley Avatar
    Fred Kelley
    3/10/2019 - Google

    Knowledgeable electrical service. May be higher on diagnostic times than my regular mechanic.

    Denise Motta Avatar
    Denise Motta
    3/10/2019 - Google

    The mechanics are knowledgeable and HONEST

    Randall RA Avatar
    Randall RA
    3/10/2019 - Google

    Trustworthy!Brum's Ultimate Repair is straight foward with their customer service and the workmanship is of a high quality. Follow... read more

    Gavin McCarthy Avatar
    Gavin McCarthy
    3/10/2019 - Google

    Such a good experience with Matt Brum, at Brum's Ultimate Repair. The shop came highly recommended, and I was not... read more

    Miles Avatar
    3/10/2019 - Google

    Friendly, helpful, and professional staff. Fair prices and honest mechanics. Highly recommended. Replaced my 2003 Corolla's struts quickly (dropped off... read more

  • Julian Youngblood Avatar
    Julian Youngblood
    3/10/2019 - Google

    Matt and his staff were extremely reasonable with their recommendations on the best way to resolve all of the issues... read more

    Anne Brown Avatar
    Anne Brown
    3/10/2019 - Google

    We have been using Brums to keep our old 2003 Ford Focus safe and on the road. The car is... read more

    Sophia Avramides Avatar
    Sophia Avramides
    3/10/2019 - Google

    My car was experiencing some problems, which ended up being something silly as a rock stuck underneath causing a ruckus.... read more

    Jesse Flanagan Avatar
    Jesse Flanagan
    3/10/2019 - Google

    These guys are great. They've done various work to my car, from replacing the tire stem to the control arm.... read more

    cheryl banville Avatar
    cheryl banville
    3/10/2019 - Google

    Found on Google Maps best move I've made. Made appointment to have work done and got estimate, work was done... read more

    Thomas Dufresne Avatar
    Thomas Dufresne
    3/10/2018 - Google

    Brum's takes great care of my 2004 GTI. I have been extremely happy with their service. Top notch work and... read more

  • Louisa Avatar
    3/10/2018 - Google

    I would recommend these guys anywhere! They did such a great job on my trailblazer and were extremely fairly priced.... read more

    Ernesto Lopez Avatar
    Ernesto Lopez
    3/10/2018 - Google

    I've got a few good buddies that highly recommend this place for their honest and thorough work I unfortunately have... read more

    Michael Rayner Avatar
    Michael Rayner
    3/10/2018 - Google

    Great service, very reliable and very friendly.

    Carolyn Dorr Avatar
    Carolyn Dorr
    3/10/2018 - Google

    Great guys. Great service. They’re always upfront. Just a small waiting area, so I recommend dropping your car off instead... read more

    Inventory Department Avatar
    Inventory Department
    3/10/2018 - Google

    Very honest that’s the first hard thing to come across when in need of a mechanic.

    Tinghung Lin Avatar
    Tinghung Lin
    3/10/2018 - Google

    They repaired my laptop quickly and at a good price.

  • Krystal1999 Avatar
    3/10/2017 - Google

    Excellent, fast service and reasonable! Brought my car in because I was having issues with my throttle body. He was... read more

    Lefty Parasite Avatar
    Lefty Parasite
    3/10/2017 - Google

    I have to say that finding Brum's Auto Repair was a blessing! I did not like taking my BMW... read more

    Thomas Dennis Avatar
    Thomas Dennis
    3/10/2017 - Google

    Alternator in my car died 100 miles from home at 8:30 @ night. Tow company suggested I get it... read more

    Matthew K Avatar
    Matthew K
    3/10/2017 - Google

    I was trying to find a trustworthy auto repair shop (which isn't easy) and I was lucky enough to find... read more

    Steve Coulombe Avatar
    Steve Coulombe
    3/10/2017 - Google

    Perfect experience every time. Friendly group that go out of way to help. I prefer them over dealer, they actually... read more

    Vasilios Efthimiades Avatar
    Vasilios Efthimiades
    3/10/2016 - Google

    After a friend's reccomendation, I gave Matt and his team a try to resolve an ongoing problem with my car... read more

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