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What Our Clients Are Saying
  • John Garcia Avatar
    John Garcia
    9/20/2020 - Facebook

    Honest & professional repair & service. BEST AROUND! They will take care of all your automotive needs. They are the... read more

    George Ripley IV Avatar
    George Ripley IV
    4/22/2020 - Facebook

    Honest, great timely service. We’ve been customers since they opened.

    Chase R. Pansler Avatar
    Chase R. Pansler
    3/27/2020 - Facebook

    My brother, Charlie, took his car here and the shop did such a great job that my dad wanted to... read more

    Jenny Harding Avatar
    Jenny Harding
    7/29/2017 - Facebook

    Thank you very much, for fixing my car � i will come here from now on.

    Peter Johnson Avatar
    Peter Johnson
    6/12/2017 - Facebook

    I ve been a customer since day one....I have a 65 Mustang that Matt and crew keep running perfectly......THEY CARE>>>>>>highly... read more

    Beth-Anne Guthrie Avatar
    Beth-Anne Guthrie
    3/23/2017 - Facebook

    Wonderful service. Matt and his team are honest and trustworthy. I always feel well cared for and I never feel... read more

  • Robert Oliveira Avatar
    Robert Oliveira
    2/21/2017 - Facebook

    Timely work performed in a very professional manner. Responsive to customer questions and demonstrates a willingness to go above and... read more

    Betty DeMoranville Cosmo Avatar
    Betty DeMoranville Cosmo
    4/21/2016 - Facebook

    I was advised to take my car to Matt the most honest dependable mechanic around. I did! I am blessed.... read more

    Korey Bailey Avatar
    Korey Bailey
    3/03/2016 - Facebook

    Matt is a Great guy and a great mechanic They replace the brakes on jeep which was rotors and pads.Matt... read more

    Anthony Rose Avatar
    Anthony Rose
    4/30/2015 - Facebook

    Matt is a top notch mechanic for all models of vehicles. He is a pleasure to deal with and... read more

    Marc Francoeur Avatar
    Marc Francoeur
    2/12/2015 - Facebook

    Professional, honest, and thorough. The Best mechanics around.

    Ivan Fontes Avatar
    Ivan Fontes
    2/12/2015 - Facebook

    Matt is the best mechanic i know. Hes been fixing cars his whole life, along with rebuilding them. ... read more

  • Wayne V. Avatar
    Wayne V.
    5 star rating
    11/05/2020 - Yelp

    Great service! They are upfront about the issues your car has and honest about pricing not only did that fit... read more

    John J. Avatar
    John J.
    5 star rating
    8/10/2019 - Yelp

    We just moved here and were lucky to find Brum's. Matt went out of his way to thoroughly inspect... read more

    Wes F. Avatar
    Wes F.
    5 star rating
    3/12/2019 - Yelp

    Did a PPI here. Great customer service and very professional.

    Jim C. Avatar
    Jim C.
    5 star rating
    1/29/2019 - Yelp

    Finding a mechanic when moving to a new town it always difficult. Who can you trust? You listen... read more

    Jorge F. Avatar
    Jorge F.
    5 star rating
    9/27/2018 - Yelp

    This is a repair shop that everyone wishes for. Honest great owner. Thank you Matt for taking care of my... read more

    Paul P. Avatar
    Paul P.
    5 star rating
    9/04/2018 - Yelp

    If you're looking for a mechanic who's good at troubleshooting and solving challenging, mechanical problems, you'll find it at Brum's.... read more

  • Scott G. Avatar
    Scott G.
    5 star rating
    8/18/2018 - Yelp

    I found my new repair shop. Brum's is the best. Honest and straightforward quotes. Only the work I needed done... read more

    Raymond B. Avatar
    Raymond B.
    5 star rating
    4/09/2018 - Yelp

    Brums. Found on google, best move I've been made. Made appointment to have work done and got estimate, work... read more

    Christal L. Avatar
    Christal L.
    5 star rating
    1/18/2018 - Yelp

    One of the best experiences I've ever had while seeking automotive repair. Not only did they return my request for... read more

    Candie V. Avatar
    Candie V.
    4 star rating
    12/05/2017 - Yelp

    They did a great job diagnosing my BMW. Several other places said that I would have to take it to... read more

    Matt D. Avatar
    Matt D.
    5 star rating
    8/06/2017 - Yelp

    You won't be disappointed - these guys are awesome! We were on vacation in the area and figured I'd utilize... read more

    Crawford P. Avatar
    Crawford P.
    5 star rating
    6/15/2017 - Yelp

    The guys at Brum's were absolutely fantastic! As a fairly new resident to MA, I was worried about finding a... read more

  • Jeff B. Avatar
    Jeff B.
    5 star rating
    4/27/2017 - Yelp

    First class experience all the way from Brum's. I was considering buying a pre-owned vehicle in the area and... read more

    Tom D. Avatar
    Tom D.
    5 star rating
    9/25/2016 - Yelp

    Alternator in my car died 100 miles from home at 8:30 @ night. Tow company suggested I get it... read more

    Tony R. Avatar
    Tony R.
    5 star rating
    2/07/2016 - Yelp

    Matt Brum runs his business like a fine Swiss Watch. He is passionate about working on cars and his... read more

    George R. Avatar
    George R.
    5 star rating
    12/15/2015 - Yelp

    I was referred to Brum's by my parents, and haven't been to another mechanic in the years since. When I... read more

    Jonathan B. Avatar
    Jonathan B.
    5 star rating
    10/14/2015 - Yelp

    I've been going to this repair shop since it opened. I bring my daily driver and both my exotic cars.... read more

    D R. Avatar
    D R.
    5 star rating
    8/06/2015 - Yelp

    We were in the area on a family vacation and had to bring my sons super duty in for a... read more

  • Laura G. Avatar
    Laura G.
    5 star rating
    6/02/2015 - Yelp

    I always take our two vehicles to Brum's because I know I can trust the mechanics to do a good... read more

    RITA S. Avatar
    RITA S.
    5 star rating
    3/11/2015 - Yelp

    I was referred to Matt by several people. Being a female and dealingwith a repair shop is not easy. Matt... read more

    Ryan D. Avatar
    Ryan D.
    5 star rating
    8/27/2014 - Yelp

    Brought my truck in here with some leaking fluids and some play in the wheel that a previous mechanic was... read more

    Jack D. Avatar
    Jack D.
    5 star rating
    4/07/2013 - Yelp

    Matt Brum is the best mechanic I have ever known. He has a Mechanical Engineering degree and genuinely enjoys... read more

    caroline haines Avatar
    caroline haines
    2/17/2021 - Google

    Break light was on. Needed new pads in a hurry. Was able to get my BMW in & out same... read more

    Stephen Mahala Avatar
    Stephen Mahala
    2/10/2021 - Google

    Very helpful and accommodating

  • Jason Taylor Avatar
    Jason Taylor
    2/10/2021 - Google

    This place has always been fair and honest a friend recommended it to us. Been going to them for a... read more

    Steven J Thompson Avatar
    Steven J Thompson
    1/10/2021 - Google

    I got conflicting reports from2 Toyota dealerships, it was unclear if I needed brakes and rotors so I... read more

    Rich Ziomek Avatar
    Rich Ziomek
    12/10/2020 - Google

    Brums is top notch in my book. Friendly, accommodating & flexible for busy folks like me. If you haven't used... read more

    tyler pavao Avatar
    tyler pavao
    12/10/2020 - Google

    I brought my car down and the people in the office are really nice professional know what there doing dealer... read more

    Misty Lee Avatar
    Misty Lee
    7/10/2020 - Google

    What a help he was. I now have a working AC on the hottest days.. helped me out so much... read more

    Peter Mitchell Avatar
    Peter Mitchell
    7/10/2020 - Google

    I brought my vehicle to Brums with some issues. They said they were very busy but would look at it... read more

  • Frank Lima Avatar
    Frank Lima
    6/10/2020 - Google

    Just had my first visit to this repair shop. Good people work there, knowledgeable, kind with reasonable prices. Great example... read more

    shawn martinson Avatar
    shawn martinson
    5/10/2020 - Google

    Was just driving through Dartmouth when I suddenly lost a brake line. I took it to Brum's, being they were... read more

    chase pansler Avatar
    chase pansler
    4/10/2020 - Google

    My brother, Charlie, took his car here and the shop did such a great job that my dad wanted to... read more

    Mr Concrete MSC Avatar
    Mr Concrete MSC
    3/10/2020 - Google

    These guys have the best auto Auto repair shop PERIOD!! THEY CAN FIX ANY CAR!A+++++ THANKS Guys

    MotherMeredith McGowen Avatar
    MotherMeredith McGowen
    3/10/2020 - Google

    👍 awesome at car repair

    JAY Aubin Avatar
    JAY Aubin
    3/10/2020 - Google

    Excellent service

  • Jenn Harding Avatar
    Jenn Harding
    3/10/2020 - Google

    They always do great work. Thank you

    Marybeth Nelson Avatar
    Marybeth Nelson
    3/10/2020 - Google

    We have been to Brum’s multiple times for our cars and they have been fantastic!Quick, thorough and straightforward.Highly recommend!

    Mario DaVince Avatar
    Mario DaVince
    3/10/2020 - Google

    I just want to thank Brums Auto for taking my 1998 Chevy Silverado even though they was busy they worked... read more

    Jim Cusson Avatar
    Jim Cusson
    3/10/2019 - Google

    Finding a mechanic you can trust when you move is always a challenge. Luckily, Brum's was recommended by co-workers... read more

    Sam Brodsky Avatar
    Sam Brodsky
    3/10/2019 - Google

    Super friendly and knowledgeable repair shop. Full disclosure: I'm a huge fan in part because they donated a dead engine... read more

    Jared Amaral Avatar
    Jared Amaral
    3/10/2019 - Google

    Not only did they replace my alternator wich was located under the car , above the axle where I could... read more

  • Scott Costa Avatar
    Scott Costa
    3/10/2019 - Google

    Matt and his staff are friendly, knowledgeable, honest, and dependable. All you want in a mechanic. Highly recommend... read more

    Fred Kelley Avatar
    Fred Kelley
    3/10/2019 - Google

    Knowledgeable electrical service. May be higher on diagnostic times than my regular mechanic.

    Denise Motta Avatar
    Denise Motta
    3/10/2019 - Google

    The mechanics are knowledgeable and HONEST

    Randall RA Avatar
    Randall RA
    3/10/2019 - Google

    Trustworthy!Brum's Ultimate Repair is straight foward with their customer service and the workmanship is of a high quality. Follow... read more

    Gavin McCarthy Avatar
    Gavin McCarthy
    3/10/2019 - Google

    Such a good experience with Matt Brum, at Brum's Ultimate Repair. The shop came highly recommended, and I was not... read more

    Miles Avatar
    3/10/2019 - Google

    Friendly, helpful, and professional staff. Fair prices and honest mechanics. Highly recommended. Replaced my 2003 Corolla's struts quickly (dropped off... read more

  • Julian Youngblood Avatar
    Julian Youngblood
    3/10/2019 - Google

    Matt and his staff were extremely reasonable with their recommendations on the best way to resolve all of the issues... read more

    Anne Brown Avatar
    Anne Brown
    3/10/2019 - Google

    We have been using Brums to keep our old 2003 Ford Focus safe and on the road. The car is... read more

    Sophia Avramides Avatar
    Sophia Avramides
    3/10/2019 - Google

    My car was experiencing some problems, which ended up being something silly as a rock stuck underneath causing a ruckus.... read more

    Jesse Flanagan Avatar
    Jesse Flanagan
    3/10/2019 - Google

    These guys are great. They've done various work to my car, from replacing the tire stem to the control arm.... read more

    cheryl banville Avatar
    cheryl banville
    3/10/2019 - Google

    Found on Google Maps best move I've made. Made appointment to have work done and got estimate, work was done... read more

    Thomas Dufresne Avatar
    Thomas Dufresne
    3/10/2018 - Google

    Brum's takes great care of my 2004 GTI. I have been extremely happy with their service. Top notch work and... read more

  • Louisa Avatar
    3/10/2018 - Google

    I would recommend these guys anywhere! They did such a great job on my trailblazer and were extremely fairly priced.... read more

    Ernesto Lopez Avatar
    Ernesto Lopez
    3/10/2018 - Google

    I've got a few good buddies that highly recommend this place for their honest and thorough work I unfortunately have... read more

    Michael Rayner Avatar
    Michael Rayner
    3/10/2018 - Google

    Great service, very reliable and very friendly.

    Carolyn Dorr Avatar
    Carolyn Dorr
    3/10/2018 - Google

    Great guys. Great service. They’re always upfront. Just a small waiting area, so I recommend dropping your car off instead... read more

    Inventory Department Avatar
    Inventory Department
    3/10/2018 - Google

    Very honest that’s the first hard thing to come across when in need of a mechanic.

    Tinghung Lin Avatar
    Tinghung Lin
    3/10/2018 - Google

    They repaired my laptop quickly and at a good price.

  • Krystal1999 Avatar
    3/10/2017 - Google

    Excellent, fast service and reasonable! Brought my car in because I was having issues with my throttle body. He was... read more

    Lefty Parasite Avatar
    Lefty Parasite
    3/10/2017 - Google

    I have to say that finding Brum's Auto Repair was a blessing! I did not like taking my BMW... read more

    Thomas Dennis Avatar
    Thomas Dennis
    3/10/2017 - Google

    Alternator in my car died 100 miles from home at 8:30 @ night. Tow company suggested I get it... read more

    Matthew K Avatar
    Matthew K
    3/10/2017 - Google

    I was trying to find a trustworthy auto repair shop (which isn't easy) and I was lucky enough to find... read more

    Steve Coulombe Avatar
    Steve Coulombe
    3/10/2017 - Google

    Perfect experience every time. Friendly group that go out of way to help. I prefer them over dealer, they actually... read more

    Vasilios Efthimiades Avatar
    Vasilios Efthimiades
    3/10/2016 - Google

    After a friend's reccomendation, I gave Matt and his team a try to resolve an ongoing problem with my car... read more

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