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Everyone loves their Subaru! We have been specializing in Subaru services for almost 10 years. From basic maintenance to complete engine rebuilds. Subarus are known for their symmetrical all-wheel drive and the flat opposing piston engines. Don’t take your beautiful piece of engineering art to any car maintenance shop, take it to specialized providers of Subaru services and bring it to us!
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We Are a Professional Auto Repair Shor Focused on Subaru Services

Whether you need head gasket repair or timing belt service, we have you covered. Our Subaru car maintenance service includes: 


  • Head Gasket Repair: The downside to the flat opposing cylinders of the Subaru engine is that the head gaskets start to leak oil around 100k miles.  This is also right around the time that the timing belt is due. We are very experienced with this procedure and only use updated design head gaskets to prevent this from happening again.  We can get your Subaru prepared to go the distance!
  • Timing Belt Service: Many cars have timing belts and they need replacing at 100K miles.  Subarus are Interference engines. This means that if the belt breaks costly damage to the engine’s intake and exhaust valves will need replacing. Oftentimes it is a bad idler roller or a water pump that will seize up and break the belt. Only OEM Japan-made parts must be used for this service. We will do the job right allowing you to go another 100k.

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We have been specializing in Subaru vehicles for over a decade. We love this masterfully crafted piece of engineering and we want to take immaculate care of yours! Call Brums Ultimate Repair today at (508) 993-1300 and schedule an appointment.
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